Divorce Accounting

For Married and Domestic Partners

Forensic accounting in divorce engagements is a fairly new discipline. The process of locating hidden assets or deferred income can be difficult. Many times the other spouse will go to extreme lengths in order to hide assets, not only from their spouse, but also from the IRS.

Attorneys often engage us to help represent the spouse who doesn’t have access to the family’s financial information. In these cases, the forensic analysis might include reviewing financial data to determine its accuracy and reasonableness; determining each spouse’s standard of living and disposable income; locating hidden assets; and determining what property may be considered separate from marital property, especially if one of the spouses runs a closely held business.

We serve as mediators to facilitate negotiations in an attempt to help you to agree on all outstanding issues of your dispute, including but not limited to child and other support, distribution of assets and debt, and any other relevant assets.

We provide a valuable and unique service that builds on our expertise in tax, audit, and forensic accounting services.

We let you breathe easier about a fair and equitable division of your marital assets and let you focus on rebuilding your life and people you love.

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Hidden Assets and Income

  • Locating the Hidden Assets
  • Closely Held Businesses
  • Finding Hidden Income
  • Business markup and profitability
  • The normal level of expenses
  • Determining the Value of the Business

Important Documents

  • Tax Forms to be signed during divorce proceedings
  • Family support vs alimony and child support
  • QDROs
  • Conflict of interests and releases
  • Splitting tax breaks and dependents
  • Splitting prior tax debts and other debts
  • Injured Spouse Relief
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Statement of Net Worth

Dirty Dozen - Most Common errors in Divorce Agreements

  • Exemptions
  • Assets
  • Title
  • Support
  • QDRO
  • Other spouse debt
  • Prepaid or estimated taxes
  • Final tax returns
  • Attorney bill deductibility
  • Post divorce arrangements
  • Ignorance of tax consequences
  • Not Bifurcating the divorce