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Task: Website for Celebrity DJ

We continually find ourselves immersed in a sea of sensory experience. Musical curation is a unique expression of ones identity through sound. By ruthless editing and personal taste Coleman not only sets the tone, but creates a conceptual theme, so that it's a cohesive feeling .

Each Client participates in a unique collaboration, delving to discover their individual sound that resonates with the space. Through years of honing his craft to the most coveted luxury brands, Coleman’s passion and dedication has led him to master crafting atmospheres for any occasion.

Music is the only sense that truly moves through us, Coleman’s commitment to uplifting any room resounds with a sound that cannot be taught, but undeniably felt.

Coleman Music exists to expand the human experience through music.

Being a music curator is about vision and telling stories. It’s about drawing from a variety of experiences. It’s about having an understanding and sensibility of the effect a song and sound has.