Unique Photography Project “PhotoALBUM-360”.

TASK: Create Brand Identity & Promo Site

FINISHED PROJECT: PhotoAlbum360.com

PhotoALBUM 360
Album for Photos you Wish you Had.

Scientific fact: a picture IS worth thousand words
Memories of our experiences or “autobiographical memories” are connected with one another in a sequence creating seamless story of the self.

Our brains are extremely efficient at storing the ‘essence’ of a picture, capturing not just the subject but, also, specific visual qualities.

For example, if you were asked to recall a news image from last February, you may struggle, but if you saw a stack of photos from that time, you’d instantly know the ones you’d seen before, says Dr Daniel Glaser – director of Science Gallery at King’s College London.



Science has proven that there is a strong connection between human memory and the photographs we take.

To remember a specific event, we need a key – a unique description that allows us to distinguish that specific event from other.

Photographs – are the perfect memory keys because when viewed, they activate memory triggers which recall what happened, where it happened, when it happened and make us feel what we felt at the time when the photos were taken.

PhotoALBUM is an album with the scientific approach.

PhotoALBUM is the best affordable modern photo album money can buy. In less than a minute, for a price of a cup of coffee it automatically makes you an elegant album previously available only to the rich and famous.

These albums are not your typical static books of photos. These albums have triggers that make it easier for your brain to retrieve specific events in your long-term memory. These triggers are responsible for the massive emotional memory recall taking photo album viewing experience to the next level.

“Tears Factor goes to eleven! I’m a tough guy but, every time I open my wedding album, my eyes get wet and I feel like I’m marrying my wife over and over again. I got to tell you, this is the best and most romantic anniversary gift you can get”, said one of the customers about his wedding album.

PhotoALBUM 360 is made for everyone.

“I got to tell ya, passing the “Grandma Test”, where there is a pre-selected older person with fear of technology that must create a photo album all on her or his own without anyone’s help, was the biggest challenge. Our goal was to create an intuitive and user-friendly interface that could be easily understood by the non-technical users. Users who, probably, still have a rotary phone at home”, said, with a smile, one of the UX designers involved with the project.

PhotoALBM did pass the test. When you use the service, it feels very natural and easy. What can be easier than a service that takes a set of photos and automatically turns them into a beautiful digital photo album that can be immediately viewed on your large-screen TV using HDMI cable, Apple TV, or Chromecast – devises that you already use in your home?

PhotoALBM: why not the photo album of the future?

If you recently got married, you probably spent hundreds or, maybe, thousands of dollars on a professional photographer with state of the art equipment. You have a gazillion of beautiful wedding photos that you want to share with the world.

So… Why wouldn’t you use our promo code and try the service that will make you a stunning wedding photo album in under one minute? All by itself… Without you lifting a finger…

It will be the album that will make you emotional, ALBUM that will always be with you, ALBUM that you can view with your friends on a large-screen TV from anywhere in the room, ALBUM that your mother can use as a digital photo frame on the screen of her computer, ALBUM that can be instantly shared with anyone and anywhere in the world by pressing only one button, ALBUM that you can edit manually to your personal likes, ALBUM that can have unlimited number of photos, ALBUM that will keep your memories safe, alive and fresh for the years to come. … all that and more for just a price of a cup of coffee… No… Really… Why wouldn’t you give it a try?!!

Article image: Christoph Niemann

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