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What Web Design Trends Will Conquer the Internet in 2021? In this article, you will find out about the top trends to watch out for in 2021.

In 2021, we will see more designs and images that resonate with movement, social and environmental concerns. I’ve seen more and more brands come together around issues and communicate with their users on a deeper level.

Тristan Le Breton, Creative Director, 99designs

Web design has come a long way in the past few years. Today, web design exists at the intersection of creativity and technology – two of the fastest growing industries in the world – so it’s no surprise that new web design trends and techniques are constantly emerging.

The Dark Theme

The Dark Mode trend took over the web design industry back in 2020 and will continue into 2021. For a long time in web design, white backgrounds were considered the only way to create white space, but dark mode is a cutting edge design that visually creates a deeper picture. The advantage of dark mode is that, in addition to emphasizing design decisions, it helps to save battery consumption on users’ devices.

Collage and Material Blending

Collage is a combination of materials such as photography, illustration, graphics, movement and text to create an inspiring and engaging aesthetic. With the advent of cool apps with lots of digital brushes, the boundaries of digital art have changed and allowed for interesting solutions that have entered the trends of 2021.


Anti-Design is a trend that has emerged from the resurgence of brutalism in 2019, and more recently, a controversial style has seeped into social media and pop culture, as well as web and graphic design.

What is Anti-Design?

The anti-design movement, described as “crude”, “implacable” and even “disgusting”, aims to embrace chaos and ugliness in protest against traditional standards of “good” design. It features experimental and asymmetrical layouts, exaggerations, distortions, layering, and traditionally “ugly” elements, which means it’s definitely not for every user. But if a customer wants to stand out from the crowd, an anti-design website is a very effective tool!


Minimalism will always be relevant in the digital space. Simple shapes, clean text, limited color palettes and white space to create something simple, functional and memorable – everything that will be appreciated for centuries.

While minimalism is commonly associated with monochrome and white space, minimalism is not just black and white. For 2021, colorful minimalism is gaining traction in both graphic and web design, with blocky colors and vibrant backgrounds, simple sans-serif and minimalist fonts, and minimal design elements.

Another major trend for 2021 is not only simplifying the visual design of websites, but also usability and functionality. Therefore, minimalist web design will remain a key component of modern user interface design for years to come.

Organic Design

Organic design is inspired by nature and the surrounding world. While this trend is common in product design, interior design and graphic design, it is now starting to gain traction in the web design world as well.

The organic design trend is influenced by a heightened focus on sustainability and environmental protection with warm earthy colors, natural shapes and raw organic textures.

3D and Geometric Design

The trend in geometric web design has evolved to include more modern elements such as 3D shapes, floats and visible grid lines. 3D elements have fascinated both users and designers for several years now. The reason there aren’t many of them is the costly technology behind them.

The use of 3D shapes and floating objects in geometric design combines surreal movement with realistic objects to create a mesmerizing futuristic effect. Users will stay on websites longer to explore other stunning 3D images, increasing the average session length.


In 2020,exploded in graphic design, social media, and web design. Many brands, companies and creators have integrated hand-drawn elements into their website designs.

Illustrations are great for adding originality and originality to your web design, creating coziness on your site, and shortening text information.

Unusual and Futuristic Color Combinations

2021 are vibrant and bold colors in web design. Colors that seem to be incompatible harmonize perfectly with each other and attract the attention of users due to their uniqueness. Especially when users mainly visit minimalistic websites with a limited number of colors, vibrant combinations are sure to stay in the memory.

Color schemes in web design have been trending towards a gradient for a while now, and this year’s trend seems to be the next evolution. Following the lead of Apple’s Big Sur OS, we expect colors to be rich and three-dimensional.

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