Celebrity Music Stylist & DJ Coleman Feltes.

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WEBSITE: coleman-music.com

Coleman taught himself to DJ during the 80’s in Minneapolis and discovered after high school that New York City would be his next home. His interest in NYC was not just music but access. Access to people, culture and the world. At that time DJing was a different art than it is today. Finding music meant spending countless hours in vinyl shops and spending $5-$9 for one song. After playing for years in many top clubs including Nell’s, Palladium and Club USA, he felt limited and wanted to expand his work.

Connecting music and fashion felt like a logical next step. I began working with designers and lifestyle brands DJing and creating soundtracks for their events and fashion shows. It felt very natural for me to collaborate with my clients and understand what their story and “musical identity” was because I was their customer and I was always up on the latest trends.

Coleman Feltes

In addition to fashion and events he spent a year bringing the same concept of “musical identity” to the 96 Olympics. As a music supervisor he paired music to events including medal ceremonies, capturing the feel of the moment and culture of the country, all for the TV network – NBC.

After working on the Olympic Games he took a year off and traveled east to India and South East Asia. It has always been very important for Coleman to get off the grid to gain perspective and immerse myself in different cultures like some kind of social scientist. After a year in Asia he spent another year in London DJing and producing music. Then he was back to NYC. Traveling and working in five continents has given him an incredible education in life, culture and people.

We continually find ourselves immersed in a sea of sensory experience. Musical curation is a unique expression of one’s identity through sound. By ruthless editing and personal taste Coleman not only sets the tone, but creates a conceptual theme, so that it’s a cohesive feeling .

Each Client participates in a unique collaboration, delving to discover their individual sound that resonates with the space. Through years of honing his craft to the most coveted luxury brands, Coleman’s passion and dedication has led him to master crafting atmospheres for any occasion. Music is the only sense that truly moves through us, Coleman’s commitment to uplifting any room resounds with a sound that cannot be taught, but undeniably felt.

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